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Hi! I'm Angela, the dental hygienist behind this blog. Preventive dentistry, health promotion, and designing optimal user experiences are my passions. My goal is to give you a peek into our super cool experience of working internationally as dental hygienists. I truly believe in seizing the opportunities that working overseas gives, and recommend it without hesitation! Most importantly, I am a true advocate of making conscious and informed decisions to support one's health and wellness. Feel free to reach out to me, I speak English, Spanish, and German, for your convenience, at [email protected]. Check out my design portfolio in my bio https://bit.ly/3E0kGlN

Eat the world culinary tour Augsburg

Eat The World Culinary Tour: Augsburg

A wealth of boutique shops and restaurants to explore.

dental hygienists abroad EAZF course Up to Date title for DHs dhabroad

EAZF ZMF/DH “Up to date” Course Review

The information provided was basic but scientifically sound.

What does dental hygiene preceptorship mean in practice and is it a good thing?

Dental Hygiene Preceptorship – More Harm Than Good?

What does dental hygiene preceptorship mean in practice and is it good or bad?

Dental Hygiene Contracts – 5 Key Employer Obligations

What is the employer actually bound by law to provide?

dental hygienists abroad sweden-stockholm-wickham-tracey dhabroad

International Dental Hygiene in Sweden – Tracy Wickam, RDH

How does the practice of dental hygiene in Sweden compare to other European countries.

international dental hygiene politics

Dental Hygiene Politics: A Brief History

What do the politics of dental hygiene look like in your country?

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