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Bavarian Dental Chamber – Corona Virus Protocol

‘Performing the same levels of hygiene as have always been practiced…’

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by A. Scott, BSDH

Read this latest press release by the Bavarian Dental Chamber about the Coronavirus in Germany.

The Bavarian Dental Chamber’s Protocol for The Corona Virus

“The dental treatment of non-infected persons (italics ours) shall continue to be performed according to the same standards of hygiene that has been practiced for years. For patients with the flu or flu-like symptoms, a medical release from their PCP per telephone is required before their dental visit”.

Who determines who is non-infected and how? Let’s see if dental treatment contributes to the further development of the pandemic or not. You can read the entire press release (in German) here.

By A. Scott, BSDH

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