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See what it’s like to live overseas

Dental hygienist abroad - How to get started as a dental hygienist abroad, in a European dental practice

Discover What A European Dental Practice Is Really Like

Working abroad as a hygienist can be a lot like working in North America.

Traveling Dental Hygienist Germany- Angela Scott, RDH

Dental Hygienist Abroad Germany- Angela Scott, RDH

Get to know a traveling hygienist!

dental hygienists abroad covid-19-CDC dhabroad

International Dental Hygiene during COVID-19

Once we emerge from this pandemic intact as a profession, we should be more prepared to face communicable diseases than ever before.

dental hygienists abroad new zealand dhabroad

Dental Hygiene in New Zealand — Jessica Hoffman

Learn about how dental hygiene is practiced in New Zealand and what needs to be done to be licensed.

Bavarian Dental Chamber – Corona Virus Protocol

‘Performing the same levels of hygiene as have always been practiced…’

dental hygienists abroad Dental hygiene operatory during Covid-19

Dental Hygiene Germany: Challenges During COVID-19

Life as we know it will stop as of today, until further notice…

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