The Practice of Dental Hygiene

Practicing as a dental hygienist in Switzerland

Practicing As A Dental Hygienist in Switzerland: The Latest Info

Practicing as a foreign-trained dental hygienist in Switzerland is still possible, just be prepared for a long and frustrating path to licensure.

child abuse dentistry dental hygienists abroad

Child Abuse: A Dental Obligation

Child abuse cases have risen dramatically during the current COVID-19 pandemic. As licensed healthcare providers in the U.S., we have responsibilities when it comes to recognizing the signs of child abuse.

2020 EARDH (European Association of Registered Dental Hygienists) conference

Dental Hygienist Conference Exclusive Review: EARDH 2020

The 2020 EARDH (European Association of Registered Dental Hygienists) conference was a success, despite the pandemic. Find out what went on.

dental hygienists abroad Israel

Dental Hygiene in Israel — Michelle Chavarria

Dental hygiene, as a profession, is all over the world. This hygienist, Michelle Chavarria, shows us how dental hygiene is practiced in Israel. Read her blog post below. Israel, officially the state of Israel, is located in the Middle East, on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. The capital is Jerusalem, and it is …

Dental Hygiene in Israel — Michelle Chavarria Read More »

Why you need a dental hygienist. Maintaining beautiful smiles and a key part of the dental team.

2 Big Reasons You Absolutely Do Need a Dental Hygienist

Why dental hygienists are an invaluable part of the dental team, as well as important in maintaining overall health.

dental hygienists abroad oral health as I define it Levy dhabroad

Oral Wellness: Health’s Essential Component

An oral wellness therapist ensures that the patient establishes and maintains oral health.

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