international traveling dental hygienist Alanna Kirschner

International Traveling Dental Hygienist: Alanna Kirschner, RDH

Learn about this traveling hygienist who worked in Liechtenstein and now works in Jamaica.

dental hygienists abroad England

Dental Hygienist Traveling Abroad: Rachael England RCSEd, MPH

Rachael England is a Dental Hygienist Traveling Abroad. She has worked in three different countries and has her own non-profit dental organization in Kenya: Maasai Molar. Where are you originally from? United Kingdom Have you always worked in the dental field? If not, what other fields? Any other degrees acquired before turning to hygiene? I …

Dental Hygienist Traveling Abroad: Rachael England RCSEd, MPH Read More »

dental hygienists abroad Australia Traveling Hygienists Massey

Traveling Hygienist Spotlight: Toni Massey, BSDH, RDH

Get to know this Traveling Hygienist who conquered the Australian outback!

dental hygienists abroad Dubai Traveling Hygienist Spotlight

Dental Hygienist Abroad Dubai: Demika Levy, RDH

Get to know this hygienist practicing in the Arabian desert!

international dental hygiene in Italy

International Dental Hygiene in Italy – Bronte, RDH

Check out this American hygienist working internationally in Italy!

The Traveling Hygienist Spotlight

Traveling Dental Hygienist: Carmen Lanoway, BSDH, RDH

Learn more about this Traveling Hygienist who fights hard for the standardization of the practice of dental hygiene internationally.

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