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Dental hygiene consulting and coaching. Support to help you on your journey to becoming a dental hygienist abroad or establishing a dental hygiene practice.
Dental hygienist consultancy

Dental Hygiene Consulting

Dental hygiene consulting and coaching may be just the boost you need to land your dream job abroad. And we at Dental Hygienists Abroad are here to offer you that guidance.

Of course, planning to move abroad is only the beginning. First of all, there is a new language and culture to learn. Additionally, there’s the getting used to a different way of working and practicing hygiene. Nonetheless, coaching and consulting may be the secret to success. Access to a ready resource during the application process gives you peace of mind.

We provide lots of resources in this blog to help you prepare you for your overseas job search.

**See the post 7 Essential Culture Tips For International Dental Hygienists for more information on working overseas**

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Consulting for Dental Hygiene Departments

Are you interested in establishing a dental hygiene department in your practice? Or are you looking to make your existing dental hygiene department more profitable? We provide exceptional dental practice consulting, as well, to help your department meet your practice and revenue goals.

Templates and Professional Document Creation

Creating application document for other countries is a challenge, because each country has its own unique way to apply for work. Since we have experience with the job search in various countries, we can help! Therefore, whether you are starting from zero with your overseas job search, or you simply need new ideas, we have the resources to help you.

  • Sample CV/Resume and Cover Letter Templates for Dental Hygienists in French, German, Spanish and English
  • Document Translation and Useful work documents: treatment notes, dental terms, OHI instructions, insurance codes in Germany, etc.
  • Creation, Coaching and Consulting for working abroad as a Dental Hygienist
  • Translated reference materials for dental professionals

Application Document Templates

CVs and Resumes, Cover Letter templates available. Languages are English, German, French, Spanish. Each is priced individually. Contact us for a quote for multiple purchases. $50.00 and up

Document Translation

Translation of your documents from English to Spanish, French, German or Italian. This service does not include any consultation or recommendations to tailor your documents to your job search. This is a strict translation of what is submitted. The fee is per document with a 500 word limit. Turnaround time is usually within 7 days, contact us beforehand to confirm. ***Please note: these translations are not certified and will not serve for official purposes*** $50.00 and up

Document Creation

Customized application documents for you to use while applying for dental hygiene positions in Germany and Switzerland. The documents are created for you to market yourself to German and Swiss employers in an attractive and professional manner. The CVs and Cover Letters are created using the documents and information you provide. The fee is per document with a 500 word limit. Contact us for turnaround time. $50.00 and up

Applicant Coaching

Includes help and guidance with finding and landing a dental hygiene position abroad. Assistance with job search and interview preparation. Continued support with negotiation, navigating through a foreign dental practice, and understanding the foreign work culture can also be included. Dental hygiene consulting is per hour and meetings are conducted virtually. It is advised to gather all concerns and questions and have them prepared for the meeting to maximize the allotted time. $50.00 and up

Translated reference materials

A collection of dentistry reference materials: templates and scripts translated into multiple languages, for the use of dental professionals. $30.00 and up

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Moving to Germany is something I’ve wanted to do but I’d always believed I would need a job change and I was saving up to return to school for a more international career. When I was laid off during the pandemic an internet search led me to dhabroad, Angela’s site on working as a dental hygienist internationally. I started emailing with Angela and my whole life quickly changed. I started learning German, applying to jobs, and joined the International Dental Professionals Facebook page that Angela invited me to. There, I met other hygienists whose footsteps I hoped to follow. Through the group I networked with some fabulous American and Canadian dental hygienists, one of whom referred me to a dental office in Berlin where I interviewed and was given a job contract. I recently made it into Germany where I’m so excited to be beginning a new chapter of my life. I would have not known this was possible without Angela’s site. I could not have gotten to this place without her assistance German-ifying my CV and in connecting with other dental professionals abroad. Thank you Angela!