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International Dental Professionals Group

Our Facebook group, the International Dental Hygienists and Dental Professionals or IDHDP, is a forum just for us. We are a community of dental professionals who have practiced or currently practice overseas.

In addition, you are welcome if you wish to practice overseas or are interested in preventive dentistry overseas. Living and working abroad as a hygienist is a wonderful experience.

What is life like in Switzerland?

Join the discussion and feel free to share advice and suggestions. We learn from each other’s experiences. Learn from hygienists working in Germany, Switzerland, Dubai, Australia and more.

Some of us no longer work abroad but help others to experience what working abroad is like.

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Do you have questions like: How much can I earn? How do I apply for work? Which visa would I need? So do many others.

need a dental hygienist

Which instruments do they use in Europe?

Have you also worked abroad as a hygienist? Do you miss the experience? Have you thought about going back abroad? Would you like to meet with other hygienists who feel just like you?

diagnosis and treatment plan

What kind of dentistry do they do in Germany?

We enjoy helping our patients understand the importance of preventive dentistry. We also enjoy living overseas. Therefore, we invite you to join our group.

Feel free to join the discussion and enrich the group with your experience.

Feel free, as well, to post questions to get the input of other dental professionals.

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Help other international dental professionals with your questions and answers. We all wish to provide the best care possible while overseas. See you there!

IDHDP Facebook Group

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