Blu Kids Smart Electric Toothbrush

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BLU Kids Smart Electric Toothbrush And App is an app-enabled, high-frequency sonic toothbrush that guides children to better oral habits. The connected app features a live tracking system which alerts parents immediately to missed areas and allows parents to share the results.

This brush is designed to help children brush better with every use.

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CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE – Find similar products in the Innovative Sustainable Self-care Shop

Blu Kids Smart Electric Toothbrush And App

Blu Kids Smart Electric Toothbrush and App is specially made for kids. This app-enabled (IOS and android), electric toothbrush encourages kids to improve their brushing routines and stay motivated. Firstly, the smart app features live tracking of brushing. This tracking system monitors the brushing habits of your child and alerts you immediately of any areas missed. Secondly, the app allows you to share the results of the brushing report. This support feature is a must-have for parents who wish to know how good their children’s brushing habits are.

The Impressive Features
  • The special technology is built according to dentist recommendations
  • The live tracking allows you to share the data and results with your dental professionals
  • Replaceable antibacterial brush heads
  • Guided brushing coach
  • Helps your child to brush better with every use
  • Uses high-frequency sonic technology to remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth
  • Waterproof, includes a wireless charger and up to one month of battery life

Blu smart electric toothbrush

Additionally, BLU offers brushing joy for the entire family. The BLU Smart Electric Toothbrush for Adults offers equally impressive stats. This brush is also an app-enabled, intelligent toothbrush for adults. It is equipped with customizable features and powerful brush strokes, providing a superior clean. The brush has a state-of-the-art brush head. Furthermore, it is blue-tooth ready and easy to sync with the included tracking app for intelligent brushing guidance.


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