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Organic Argan Facial Cleansing Bar


The Organic Argan Facial Cleansing Bar is a deep cleaning bar that doesn’t leave your skin feeling dried out. The particular mixture of neroli essential oil, argan oil and calendula work to nourish, stimulate and rejuvenate your skin after each use.

Ingredients:  Oils of coconut*, safflower and/or sunflower*, and palm fruit* (with retained glycerin), **sodium hydroxide, neroli essential oil, argan oil*, vitamin E oil, avocado oil, aloe vera extract, calendula petals, rosemary extract, and infusions of calendula and chamomile.

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Organic Argan Facial Cleansing Bar

The Organic Argan Facial Cleansing Bar by Lovely Lady allows you to experience a wonderful variety of moisturizing bar soaps that nourish your skin uniquely. Use them for travel, home, the gym or as gifts.

Lovely Lady Products feature plant-based and certified organic and natural ingredients, with an emphasis on sustainability and fair trade.

If you are active and often on-the-go, these bars travel well in your gym bag or carry-on.  If you work in health care or food service and need to wash your hands frequently, you will also find these very supportive in your quest for keeping clean without the drying associated with many soaps.

More About Lovely Lady

This USDA Certified Organic, plant-based, unisex luxury bath soap bundle aids anti-aging, dry skin, problem skin and skin sensitivities, to bring out your healthy glow.

The company was founded by a model who suffered with celiac disease. Although this condition ended her career as a model, she learned how to restore her health and beauty by living a clean and holistic life.

First, she removed wheat and gluten from her diet and then from her body care product regimen. Then, with a focus on pure, natural and organic ingredients, she researched the best natural and organic ingredients for the skin. Likewise, Lovely Lady seeks to avoid the many “natural products” which, upon reviewing the long list of ingredients, prove to be quite unnatural.


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