Skinnies Eco Sungel Sunscreen


Skinnies Eco Sungel (Sunscreen) SPF30

The Skinnies Eco Sungel formulation makes use of Organogel technology which allows the sungel to sit on the skin layer to provide maximum UV protection. This gel leaves no white residue and is suitable for all ethnicities.

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3.4 oz

Skinnies Eco Sun gel Sunscreen SPF 30

Skinnies Eco Sun gel Sunscreen SPF 30 is perfect for everyday use. It provides instant UV protection and is waterproof for 40 minutes. A pea-sized amount goes a long way. Feel free to use this gel on your face, ears and neck as it doesn’t leave any white residue. It is suitable for all ethnicities. You will have your choice of tinted gel options for different skin tones.

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Skinnies Sungels are:

  • 100% Vegan
  • Water-free to reduce evaporation
  • Non-toxic
  • Against animal cruelty
  • Uses Organogel technology to keep the gel on the skin surface for maximum UV protection

About Skinnies

Skinnies was started by a couple for the benefit of their children. They strive for sustainability and to keep their carbon footprint minimal. They also used sustainably sourced electricity and recycled paper in the production of their products.

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