The Spa Dr. All-In-One Daily Shake


The Spa Dr All-In-One Daily Shake

The Spa Dr. All-In-One Daily Shake is dairy-free and gluten-free. This protein powder is a plant-derived protein shake that offers a the necessary nutrient to support your skin health as well. This protein powder is designed to be a dietary supplement.

540g, 1.2lbs

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The Spa Dr. All-In-One Daily Shake

The Spa Dr. All-In-One Daily Shake is a plant derived dietary supplement, free from both dairy and gluten. This protein shake contains a comprehensive blend of nutrients which promote glowing skin and vibrant health.

Use the All-In-One Daily Shake from The Spa Dr as a dietary supplement or as a quick and nutritious snack when on the go.

Five star reviews for The Spa Dr. All-In-One Daily Shake:

  • “I love this shake! On busy mornings I’m looking for something nutritious, yummy, and quick. This shake is full of good protein and fiber to help give me energy and feel satisfied all morning long.”
  • “I use it pre-workout and it helps maintain a healthy skin.”
  • “I have tried several brands of protein shakes and this one is the best as far as sugar free. The texture and taste are great, can’t even tell there’s no sugar.”
  • “This product does not cause me any intestinal distress like those made with dairy products. It mixes well in my smoothie each day.”

All of the products in the The Spa Dr. range are free from gluten and soy. Be sure to check out the Daily Essentials 4-Step Skin Care System also by The Spa Dr. too.

About The Spa Dr.

Dr. Trevor Cates is author of the bestselling book Clean Skin From Within and founder of The Spa Dr. natural skin care line. In addition, she was the first female licensed naturopathic doctor in California and currently helps patients from around the world achieve naturally glowing skin.

She has featured on various TV shows and is the host of The Spa Dr. weekly podcast and also a PBS special, Younger Skin From Within. She believes the key to healthy skin is inner and outer nourishment, with natural and non-toxic ingredients.

“Skin health is a key indicator of overall health of the entire body. When we restore health from within we can achieve glowing skin and vibrant health.” – Dr. Trevor Cates, a.k.a. The Spa Dr.

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