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XyliMelts Oral Adhering Discs


OraCoat Dry Mouth Discs with xylitol are a safe way to promote salivary flow. These types of lozenges are specifically designed to stick to the oral tissues and slowly but safely stimulate salivary flow. These can be consumed both day and night.

XyliMelts Oral Adhering Discs

XyliMelts oral adhering discs are a safe way to promote salivary flow and combat dry mouth and bad breath. Made with xylitol, these disc shaped lozenges are designed to stick to the oral tissues and slowly but safely stimulate salivary flow. It is safe to use Xylimelts both during the day and at night.

There XyliMelts oral adhering discs from OraCoat have and are

  • Patented technology – continuous slow-release formula. Molecules penetrate directly into blood stream
  • Non-acidic – XyliMelts are the only dry mouth gel with a pH buffer that is in best range for the mouth, pH 9
  • Lasting – use during the day or at night. Will last 4 to 8 hours between applications (results may vary).
  • Great tasting – the sweet flavor of the xylitol stimulates saliva flow and freshens breath
  • All-natural – XyliMelts contains no animal products, corn, protein, color or preservatives

About XyliMelts Stick On Melts

Use XyliMelts during the day or while sleeping and find temporary relief from frequent thirst, sticky dryness in the mouth and throat, and other unpleasant dry mouth symptoms.

XyliMelts stick on melts last for hours, moisturizing and coating the mouth for optimal comfort. The mild mint flavor freshens your breath and the xylitol may reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Ingredients: Xylitol, Acacia Gum, Cellulose Gum, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Stearate

OraCoat, a division of OraHealth, is the world leader in the breakthrough technology of oral adhering discs. The OraCoat brand represents a family of products which solve oral care problems by coating the mouth with safe ingredients that are most effective when released slowly.

XyliMelts stick on melts oral adhering discs slowly release ingredients in the mouth and are safe for use while sleeping.

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