Dentistry in Europe

Dental Hygiene Contracts – 5 Key Employer Obligations

What is the employer actually bound by law to provide?

dental hygienists abroad sweden-stockholm-wickham-tracey dhabroad

International Dental Hygiene in Sweden – Tracy Wickam, RDH

How does the practice of dental hygiene in Sweden compare to other European countries.

international dental hygiene politics

Dental Hygiene Politics: A Brief History

What do the politics of dental hygiene look like in your country?

dental hygienists abroad Continuing Education dhabroad

Dental Hygiene Continuing Education Abroad

Resources to keep your license active at home and overseas.

Dental Hygienist Employee Rights – The Must Have Info

What are your rights as a contracted employee?

dental hygienists abroad Roentgen memorial overview dhabroad

Roentgen Memorial Museum Tour

A tour of the memorial to Roentgen, the man who is credited with discovering x-rays.

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