Dentistry in Germany

free covid 19 testing in Bavaria

Free Covid-19 testing in Bavaria, Germany

This recent announcement about free COVID-19 testing in Bavaria is so interesting. The COVID-19 pandemic is a major part of everyone’s lives today. This is especially true for dental professionals. We work directly in our patient’s respiratory tract for long periods. This makes us, as dental hygienists, particularly vulnerable. How will this affect us?

Dental Hygienist Employee Rights – The Must Have Info

What are your rights as a contracted employee?

Where are the best places to look for a dental hygienist job overseas?

Find Your Dream International Dental Hygienist Jobs

Where are the best places to look for work?

Why Dental Hygienist Contracts Are Vital To Success

Why is a contract so important when you work overseas?

Dental hygiene offers many incredible chances for travel and work abroad.

Dental Hygiene Provides Amazing Opportunities Abroad

Dental hygiene offers a big opportunity for work abroad.

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