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Roentgen Memorial Museum Tour

A tour of the memorial to Roentgen, the man who is credited with discovering x-rays.

Dental hygiene offers many incredible chances for travel and work abroad.

Dental hygiene provides amazing opportunities abroad

Dental hygiene offers a big opportunity for work abroad.

Why dental hygienist contracts are vital to success

Why is a contract so important when you work overseas?

dental hygienists abroad

Registered Traveling Hygienist: Casey L. Thornton, BS, RDH

Get to know a traveling hygienist!

All you need to know about the cost of living in Germany. Can you afford to live on the salary of a dental hygienist in Germany? Find out!

Cost Of Living In Germany: 14 Key Aspects

All you need to know about the cost of living in Germany.

German School System 5 Point Guide for expats and dental hygienists abroad

The German School System: Your 5 Point Guide

It may be worth noting that some Germans consider their school systems superior to those offered by international schools.

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