The Traveling Dental Hygienist Spotlight

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by A. Scott, BSDH

The Traveling Hygienists are a small community of talented dental hygienists with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do and we do it with passion. Meet a Traveling Dental Hygienist below!

dental hygienists abroad 50-year-anniversary

Switzerland -The Fabulous Six

Celebrating 50 years as traveling hygienists at a reunion in Switzerland in 2018

These hygienists are the pioneers of international dental hygiene. went to Switzerland as young, recent-grads to help establish the profession of dental hygiene in the 1960s. They all returned to the US enriched and ready to do some pretty awesome things in the years to come.

Bernita Bush Gissler

Switzerland – Bernita Bush Gissler, BSDH

Her journey as a dental hygienist abroad started in the 1980s and introduced her to another passion.

This dental hygiene influencer helped developed the curriculum of the dental hygiene school at the University of Bern in the 1980s. She also taught at the University of Bern dental school in the 1990s. She’s still in Switzerland! Read her bio.

dental hygienists abroad Lanoway

Germany -Carmen Lanoway, BSDH, RDH

Dental hygienist in a renowned Perio and Implant specialty office

Carmen has been a traveling hygienist since 1995. She also is the current delegate for the Germany Dental Hygiene Association for the International Federation and the European Dental Hygiene Federation. Read her bio.

dental hygienists abroad England

UK, Dubai UAE, Switzerland – Rachael England RCSEd, MPH

Dental hygienist working in global public health for the FDI

Rachael has worked in three different countries and has her own non-profit dental organization in Kenya: Maasai Molar. Read her bio.

dental hygienists abroad Kruck

Germany – Rebecca Kruck, RDH

Dental hygienist in Germany

Rebecca worked in Germany in Cologne and Pforzheim from 1996 until she retired in 2019.

dental hygienists abroad Angela Scott

Switzerland and Germany– Angela Scott, RDH, BASDH

Dental Hygienist in a Perio and Implant specialty office in Germany

I worked in Switzerland starting in the early 2002 and I now work in Germany. Read my bio and why I love international dental hygiene.

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dental hygienists abroad Thornton

Germany – Casey L. Thornton, BS, RDH

Dental hygienist currently working in the US

Casey worked in Germany for two memorable years, 2017-2019. She has also traveled to over 30 countries! Casey works with hygienists to help them find work overseas. Her company is RDH International. Read her bio.

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dental hygienists abroad Traveling hygienists Hughes

Germany – Charlotte Hughes, RDH, BSDH

Dental Hygienist who worked in Germany

Charlotte worked in Germany at American Dental Practice under Dr. Tam Hager, DMD in Kaiserslautern, from 2015 until 2020. Here she is pictured with a beloved patient-turned-friend. Charlotte is a graduate of Mississippi Delta Community College, class of 2008.

dental hygienists abroad Australia Traveling Hygienists Massey

Australia and Germany – Toni Massey, BSDH, RDH

A hygienist who conquered the Australian outback.

Toni got the opportunity to work in Australia and loved it. Learn about her experience, including passing the Australian dental hygiene boards. Read her bio.

dental hygienists abroad Dubai Traveling Hygienist Spotlight

Dubai, UAE – Demika Levy, RDH

Get to know this hygienist practicing in the Arabian desert.

Demika worked in private settings and public health before moving to Dubai. Learn about how she is managing is such a transient environment. Read her bio.

international traveling dental hygienist Alanna Kirschner

Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Jamaica – Alanna Kirschner, RDH

Get to know this hygienist who has practiced both in the mountains and at the beach.

Learn about this traveling hygienist who worked in Liechtenstein and now works in Jamaica in private practice and as a health coach. Read her bio.

International dental hygienist Sarah Twiford

Germany – Sarah Twiford, RDH, BSDH

This hygienist didn’t stop until she fulfilled her dream of working in Europe.

Sarah is from the lovely state of Washington but always wanted to study or work abroad. Learn about the steps she took to make her dream a reality. Read her bio.

dental hygienist in germany flores castle

Germany – Cindy M. Canada-Flores, RDH, RDA

Get to know this hygienist who loves the history and nature that her life in Germany opened up to her.

Cindy made the big move from southern California to Germany with her husband and 2 cats in 2019. She enjoys her new life and wishes she had made the move sooner! Read her bio.

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