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Traveling Hygienist Thailand – Happy Elephant Camp

Check out this traveling hygienist on her journey through 31 countries and counting!

Last Updated on April 13, 2021 by A. Scott, BSDH

This blog post about Thailand is a lovely example of the benefits of being a traveling dental hygienist in Thailand. Read more here.

Check out this traveling hygienist, Casey Thornton, on her journey through 31 countries including this camp in Thailand!

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By A. Scott, BSDH

Hi! I'm Angela, the dental hygienist behind this blog. Preventive dentistry, health promotion and designing killer UX experiences are my passions. My goal is to give you a peek into our super cool experience of working internationally as dental hygienists. I truly believe in seizing the opportunities that working overseas gives and recommend it without hesitation. Most importantly, I am a true advocate of making conscious and informed decisions to support one's health and wellness.